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1. Open an instance of Spire

2. Click on Spire’s Menu button

3. Select the Register option from the list

4. Find and select the license key spire.lic, that was sent to you by e-­mail



Possible problems:

1. I tried activate Spire, but Menu said "warning file is not valid"


macOS users:

I. Please start Terminal application

II. Run command rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/RevealSound/* and try to activate


Windows users:

I. Create folder RevealSound (without space) manually in the hidden folder \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\

II. Try activate Spire with spire.lic file.


2. I try to activate Spire with spire.lic, but can 't select the file

macOS users

I. Please move the spire.lic file to your desktop
II. Run Terminal app
III. Copy and paste to the Terminal app this command:
chmod 444 ~/Desktop/spire.lic
IV. Try activate Spire with spire.lic file on your desktop