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Bonus reward

Bonuses is internal currency, which you can use to get discount for your purchases.


To spend your bonuses you need:
1. Log in using your email and password.
2. Information about possible discount will appear in the cart.
3. Press the "APPLY" button.


You can get up to 50% discount using bonuses.


One bonus is equivalent to one dollar.


Amount of awarded bonuses depends on the amount of the receipt:
Buying up to 20 $  - you get 0.5 bonuses for every 10$.
From 20$ to 39$ - 1.5 bonuses for every 10$.
From 40$ and more, 2 bonuses for every 10$


For example, if your amount of receipt is 32$, you will get 1.5 bonuses for every 10$. So you will get 4.5 bonus in total.


We also established individual reward upon purchase for selected goods.