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70s and 80s Synths Volume 4



'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4' contains 65 presets for NI Massive, designed to fit perfectly into synthwave/retrowave and other oldschool productions. Both KSD and NMSV formats are included. Whether you're a fan of Synthwave artists like Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, TimeCop1983, etc, or just want an authentic collection of sounds to cover classic pop songs from a bygone era, we've got you covered.

- All 8 Macros intelligently assigned to each patch.
- Expressive velocity and aftertouch settings for live playability.
- KSD and NMSV formats included.
- Distinctive "retro" sound.

Patch List:
AR Floating In Space;
AR Ping Pong Plucks;
AT Modular Soundscape 1;
AT Modular Soundscape 2;
BA Analog Fat Bass;
BA Digital Bass 1;
BA Digital Bass 2;
BA Digi Slap Bass;
BA Greasy Slider;
BA House Sub Bass;
BA Soft N Fat;
BA Synthwave Bass 1;
BA Synthwave Bass 2;
BA Synthwave Bass 3;
BA Synthwave Bass 4;
BA Synthwave Bass 5;
BA Synthwave Bass 6;
BA Yai;
BL Analog Xylophone;
BL Digital Bells;
BR Bright PWM Brass;
BR Tension Brass;
BR Thick Brass;
DR Pew Pew Toms;
FX Bright Riser;
FX Fading Riser 1;
FX Fading Riser 2;
FX Falling Arp;
FX Falling UFO;
FX HiPass Faller;
KB Dee Ex Rhodes;
KB Digital Organ;
KB Juno Wurly;
KB Pop Organ;
LD Baritone PWM;
LD Dirty Bender;
LD Dusty Saw;
LD Funk Lead;
LD HP Bright Lead;
LD Noisey Pop Lead;
LD Nu Rave;
LD Play Power Chords;
LD Slow Solo;
LD Smokey Baritone;
PD 20 Below;
PD Analog Horn Pad;
PD Bright Riser;
PD Chillout Room;
PD Classic Downsweep;
PD Glassy Pad;
PD OB-Like;
PD Soft and Mellow;
PD Sweet 80s Pad;
PD XS Signature Strings;
PL Caramel Popcorn;
PL Cherry Blossoms;
PL Cute Arp Food;
PL Hi Pass Plucks 1;
PL Hi Pass Plucks 2;
PL Like A CZ;
PL Little Chaser;
PL Pseudo Strat;
PL Razor Sharp;
PL Retro Plucks;
PL White Tone.

100% Royalty-Free.

NI Massive version 1.3.1 or higher.

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