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Bigroom EDM Melodic Songstarters

Type: Samples

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‘Mainroom Warehouse’ bring you 25 x Professional Bigroom EDM Meodic Songstarters packed full of pro features and produced by a professional producer, if you are looking for some inspiration for your next EDM track look no further than this pack, each kit contains 24bit wav files and midi files for ultimate flexibility.
Inspired by the top EDM artist and top EDM festivals from around the world ‘Bigroom EDM Melodic Songstarters’ is here to inspire your next EDM smash hit.
What Is In Each Kit?
* Each kit are named as Kit_XX_Song Key_BPM (XX = Kit Number E.G 01 | Song Key = E.G Am | BPM = 128)
* In Each Kit There Are Folders Named [Drums], [Dry], [Midi], [Wet], [Wet Tail]
* In The [DRUMS] Folder Consists Of [Kick Loop Compressed & Uncompressed], [Percussion Loops Up To 3 x Loops Per Kit]
* In The [DRY & WET] Folder Consists Of Dry Loops With No FX & Wet Loops With FX Of The Bassline Full, Bassline Filtered Up & Filtered Down And Lead Full, Lead Filtered Up & Filtered Down.
* In The [MIDI] Folder Consists Of The Two Midi Files Used For The Kit [Bassline & Lead]
* In The [WET TAIL] Folder Consists Of The Wet Lead Tail Full, Lead Tail Filtered Up & Lead Tail Filtered Down allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop.
* Mixdown Wav Demo Of Kit.
* 25 x Bigroom EDM Melodic Construction Kit Songstarters * All Wavs 24Bit
* Midi Files For All Kits For Ultimate Flexibility
* Wet/Dry Loops 24Bit Wavs For Each Kit
* Drum Compressed/Uncompressed 24Bit Wavs For Each Kit
* Wet Tail 24Bit Wavs (To Allow Ending A Phrase With The Decay Of The Reverb/Delay Applied To The Loop)
* BPM & Song Note Info
* Professionally Produced
* 100% Royalty Free
* 609 Kit Files In Total
* 1.1GB Zipped | 1.3GB Unzipped

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