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Driving Future Trance 3

Author: Trance Euphoria
Type: Samples

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Trance Euphoria is proud to release ‘Driving Future Trance 3’ the 3rd pack in this awesome series featuring 20 x Trance Construction Kits WAV, MIDI & FREE Spire Presets.

Inspired by all the top Trance artists from around the world and all the top Trance festivals bringing you the best quality tools for your productions.

These songstarters give you a great start to your next track or could be a great addition to your existing projects to give you another direction or dimension to your tracks.

Each kit include several folders MIDI, Spire Presets & Wav, in the Wav folder is all the wet stems to re-create the track from the demo including the kick and percussion, fx, basses, sub basses, acids, pads, leads and more, in the MIDI & Preset folders are the main melodic parts used in the kits to replicate the sounds from the demo.

Advantages With MIDI & Presets
With MIDI you have the ultimate in flexibility being able to edit notes, velocity etc and assign your own sound, these are easily imported to any DAW either Drag And Drop or Import MIDI Options in your DAW.

These MIDIs are also a great source of inspiration for those writer’s block moments even the pros need motivation and inspiration from time to time, you can also learn how these have been constructed and change/tweak the MIDI to your own taste.

With the included presets you have complete control and can replicate the sounds you hear and that have been rendered for you to use in each kit, you can tweak and do what you want to achieve your own sound.

About Presets In This Pack – PLEASE READ
The spire presets in this pack are FREE and are used as a starting point for each kit but may contain duplications or similar sounds but are included to represent the kits potential, please also note if you do not own the Spire VST Instrument the supplied WAV files are in each kit to be used instead of the Spire VST instrument or you can still use any virtual instrument of your choice with your own presets or bought presets to assign the vst instrument to the MIDI files and create your own sound, by all means, use the included presets royalty-free in these kits or other productions.

What’s In The Pack?
20 x Trance Construction Kits (WAV, MIDI & Presets).
All WAV Files 24-Bit.
MIDI Files for Each Kit.
Demo Mixdown Of Each Kit.
BPM 138 & Key Info Labelled On Each Kit Folder.
FREE Spire Individual Presets.
MIDI Files All Kit Labelled.
Professionally Produced.
100% Royalty-Free.

Product Statistics
559 x Total Files.
353 x Total Wav Files (24-Bit)
103 x MIDI Files.
103 x FREE Spire Presets.
1.97GB Zipped. | 2.95GB Unzipped.

Synth Presets Compatibility
Please Use Spire 1.1.17 or Higher.
Please Note: Keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new presets.

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