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Midnight Trap Underground Bangin Drops



Mainroom Warehouse is extremely pleased to release ‘Midnight Trap Underground Bangin Drops’ featuring 8 x Superb Trap Construction Kits (WAV/MIDI/Presets).

Inspired by all the top Trap artists from around the world, this pack will give your Trap tracks the edge and take you to the next level in your productions, you have everything here to create your next Trap hit with 24-Bit WAV Break and Drop Stems wet & dry versions, Vocal Chops, Drums, Percussion, Build Ups, Basses, Plucks, Pads, Leads, FX, Stabs, Chords, Brass, Pianos, Melodic Parts, MIDI Files & Presets For Each Kit, listen to the demo and be blown away by this top quality pack.

What's In The Pack?
* 8 x FULL Trap Bangin Drops Construction Kits;
* Wav Stems Wet & Dry Versions;
* Wav Stems Wet & Dry No Sidechain Versions;
* Vocal Chops Wav Stems;
* 190 x 24-Bit Wav Files;
* 50 x MIDI Files;
* 30 x Serum Presets;
* 15 x Sylenth Presets;
* 19 x Spire Presets;
* All Kits Named, BPM & Key Labelled. (4 Kits @ 140PM & 4 Kits @ 150BPM);
* 1.46GB Zipped | 1.74GB Unzipped;
* Everything 100% Royalty Free.

Wav Stems Break Down
* 18 x Break Bass Wav Stems;
* 14 x Break Pad Wav Stems;
* 2 x Break Piano Wav Stems;
* 15 x Break Pluck Wav Stems;
* 3 x Break Lead Wav Stems;
* 2 x Break Snap Wav Stems;
* 4 x Drop Bass Wav Stems;
* 3 x Drop Chord Wav Stems;
* 13 x Drop Lead Wav Stems;
* 8 x Drop Kick Wav Stems;
* 3 x Drop Clap Wav Stems;
* 4 x Drop Crash Wav Stems;
* 10 x Drop HHat Wav Stems;
* 2 x Drop Ride Wav Stems;
* 8 x Drop Snare Wav Stems;
* 1 x Drop Percussion Wav Stem;
* 4 x Drop Vocal Chops Wav Stems;
* 1 x Drop Tamborine Wav Stem;
* 3 x Drop Brass Wav Stems;
* 6 x Drop Pluck Wav Stems;
* 1 x Drop Wobble Wav Stem;
* 4 x Drop Shout Wav Stems;
* 8 x Drop 808 Wav Stems;
* 2 x Drop Stab Wav Stems;
* 3 x Drop Add Synth Wav Stems;
* 16 x FX Wav Stems;
* 8 x Snare Build Ups Wav Stems;
* 3 x Reverse Synth Wav Stem;
* 1 x Reverse Vocal Wav Stem;
* 3 x Vocal Chop Wav Stems;
* 1 x Gun Effect Wav Stem;
* 4 x Stab Wav Stems;
* 1 x Clap Wav Stem;
* 3 x Chord Wav Stems;
* 8 x Demo Mixdown Wavs.

Synth Preset Compatibility:
* Compatible With Sylenth Versions 2.2, 2.21Beta & 3.04 Or Higher;
* Please Use Spire 1.1.14 Or Higher;
* Please Use Xfer Serum 1.2.1b4 Or Higher;
* Please Note: Keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new presets.

About Presets In This Pack:
Please note to beginners if you do not own any of the above VST Instruments or only own a few the supplied WAV files are in each kit to be used instead of a VST instrument or you can still use any virtual instrument of your choice with your own presets or bought presets to assign the vst instrument to the MIDI files and create your own sound, by all means use the included VST Instruments presets if you have them royalty free.

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