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Sean Tyas Serum Volume 1

Author: Sean Tyas
Type: Presets


2024, and what an exciting time for music. And having said... that a bit of a crossroads for many genres. Genre borders are being torn down as new sounds are forged together into new combinations, leading to new flavors of auditory euphoria. Being trapped into one genre is becoming a thing of the past, as your visionary artists start trying new things in your productions from ideas and sources you never expected.

So now we begin the new adventure.

I have loved Serum since it was released. It was a matter of time before doing a series of soundbanks for this behemoth of a synth.

My getting back into hardware over the last two years has raised an interesting challenge in my mind. "How can I make software sound like they are coming from a machine built from physical circuitry, with imperfections that lead to character and style?"

That was on my mind at all times while making these sounds. And sometimes, I will admit, I was even a bit annoyed because the sounds surpassed the hardware quality more times than I would care to mention.

I have learned so much over the years in terms of sound design, and with Serum, one can truly put ALL of those techniques to use in one place. Some, I would meticulously obsess over for more than a day, setting ranges of modulation, so that you had a pack here that was difficult to do any wrong with (Though of course I love doing that anyway, so feel free to dive deep into the patches and really break things).

But to dip the toe in the water, so to speak, Macros are set up on almost every patch, to allow SUPER fast automation access to the sounds' key characteristics and modulations.

I cover a LOT of ground here. As my tastes expand, so do the textures of the soundsets. There are sounds that will have you covered in almost all modern dance genres.

Anyway, I hope you adore this pack and can put it to use the moment you install it.


60 Serum patches:
6 Acids;
1 Arp;
18 Basses;
13 Leads;
2 Midbasses;
12 Plucks;
8 Stabs.

100% Royalty-Free.

This soundset requires Xfer Records Serum 1.368 or higher.

[The demo ONLY features Serum - no addtional plugins or hardware are used to process or even EQ any of these sounds you hear on the demo - apart from the vocals and occasional kicks].

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