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Immense Sounds presents the Serum Techno Bundle, filled with top-quality Serum Sounds from three previously released packs blending Melodic Techno and Future Tech House.

Melodic techno and future tech house are two vibrant subgenres of electronic music that thrive on innovation and rhythmic complexity. Melodic techno is characterized by its emotionally resonant melodies that weave through a framework of driving, minimalist techno beats, creating a deep and atmospheric sound. Future Tech House, an evolution of tech house, incorporates futuristic elements and cutting-edge production techniques to push the boundaries of the genre. It emphasizes crisp, punchy beats and sophisticated basslines, often infused with synthetic textures and dynamic effects. Together, these genres offer a rich tapestry of sounds that blend soulful depth with energetic danceability, appealing to both introspective listeners and energetic club-goers.

In essence, while both genres share roots in house and techno, melodic techno leans towards a more contemplative and sonically rich experience, whereas future tech house gears towards a higher-energy, more accessible dance music environment.

This is a must-have serum sound set bundle for all Techno producers containing super fresh inspiring, modern sounds for your toolbox, also contains all MIDI files from the demos which can be used royalty-free.

What’s In The Bundle?
01.. Future Melodic Techno Android For Serum [128 x Patches & 40 x Demo MIDIs]
02.. Melodic Techno For Serum [128 x Presets & 56 x Demo MIDIs]
03.. Future Tech House For Serum [128 x Presets & 57 x Demo MIDIs]

Bundle Statistics:
384 x Serum Presets.
153 x Demo MIDI Files.
100% Royalty-Free.

Total Bundle Presets Breakdown:
103 x Basses
51 x FX
32 x Pads
53 x Plucks
60 x Synths
38 x Leads
7 x Vox
12 x Reece
10 x Sub Basses
9 x Stabs
5 x Acids
4 x Arps

Requirements - Please Use Serum Version 1.36b8 Or Higher.

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