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Tech House Claps

Author: Audiotent
Type: Samples


Creating your own claps doesn’t need to be a disappointing and frustrating experience. Do you feel like you spend way too much time layering claps that end up flat and lifeless?

You can spend more time being creative when you’re confident you have the best sounds at your disposal. Tech House Claps is full to bursting with meticulously crafted and processed sounds.

To add maximum flavour, impact and colouration to every sound, we used the most sought after tools such as The Shadow Hills Compressor, Manley Vari Mu, API Vision, and multiple types of tape saturation.

Take your claps from amateur to professional with Tech House Claps.

Inside the pack....
107 x 24-Bit WAV Layered Clap Samples
Full Download: 18 MB

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