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Trance Laboratory Call Of The Ocean For Spire

Author: Trance Euphoria
Type: Presets

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Trance Euphoria is pleased to release ‘Trance Laboratory Call Of The Ocean For Spire’ featuring 128 x Spire Presets special remake sounds.

In this special edition, we have recreated sounds from the well-known trance group OceanLab from their album Sirens Of The Sea here is a tracklist of what sounds were recreated.

Sirens Of The Sea
Sky Falls Down (AVB Mix)
Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Mix)
On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Mix)
I Am What I Am (Lange Mix)
Lonely Girl (Ronski Speed Mix)
On A Good Day (Metropolis Mix)
Ashes (Oliver Smith Mix)
Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Heaven Mix) Miracle
Secret (Andrew Bayer Mix)
Come Home (Michael Cassette Mix)
Just Listen (Myon & Shane Mix)
If I Could Fly
Ascension – For A Lifetime (OceanLab Mix) Teaser – When Love Breaks Down (OceanLab Mix)

Tracks above that are in BOLD is what you can hear in the demo.

What Is In The Pack?
128 x Spire Presets (Bank) Presets List – Txt File. Demo MP3.

Please Note – Content & Copyright

There are no MIDI files or Vocals included in this pack, this pack only includes spire preset sounds remade from the list above, all melodies used in the demo are protected by copyright and belong to their respective owners and was used for demonstration purposes only.

* Please Use Spire Version 1.1.17 Or Higher– Please Keep Your Version Legal When Loading Your New Presets.

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