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Trance Megalodon Mega Special Edition

Author: Elevated Trance


‘Trance Megalodon – Mega Special Edition’ by Elevated Trance is a whopper of a pack featuring 100 Songstarter Construction Kits, a complete new Spire Sound Set (128 x Presets Including 5 Demo Kits), & Trance Sample Pack Including Demo Kits.

Trance is an electronic dance music genre that emerged in the early 1990s. Characterized by its hypnotic rhythms and melodic elements, trance music typically features a tempo ranging from 125 to 150 beats per minute. The genre often includes repetitive synthesizer phrases, a prominent bassline, and build-ups followed by breakdowns, creating an ebb and flow that captivates listeners and induces a state of trance-like euphoria.

Trance music originated in Germany and quickly spread across Europe, becoming a staple in the rave and club scenes. Pioneering artists like Paul van Dyk, Tiësto, and Armin van Buuren played significant roles in shaping and popularizing the genre. Tracks like "For an Angel" by Paul van Dyk and "Adagio for Strings" by Tiësto are iconic within the trance community.

Subgenres of trance include uplifting trance, known for its euphoric and positive vibe; progressive trance, which incorporates elements of house music. Festivals like A State of Trance and Dreamstate celebrate the genre, drawing massive crowds of dedicated fans.

Trance continues to evolve, influencing and blending with other electronic genres, yet it remains a distinct and beloved form of dance music known for its emotional depth and ability to transport listeners into a state of bliss.

Product Details:

The Trance Megalodon Mega Special Edition pack has three folders – 100 Construction Kits, Trance Spire Sound
Set, and Trance Sample Pack, here are the details for each folder section.

The Trance Spire Sound Set are fresh new sounds and are not used or related to the other products in this pack.

Songstarter Construction Kits Section:

Each kit contains 3 folders, Drum & Percussion Loops, MIDIs, & Presets, and a full mix demo, everything is in these
folders to recreate that kit's demo.

100 x Songstarter Trance Construction Kits All 138 BPM.
608 Total x WAV Loops (Kicks & Percussion). (100 x Compressed Kicks. 100 x Not Compressed Kicks. 408 x
Percussion Loops.)
326 x MIDIs
272 x Spire Presets.
48 x Sylenth1 Presets.
5 x Serum Presets.
2 x Zebra 2 Presets.

The above presets are FREE they are used as a starting point for each kit but may contain duplications or similar
sounds. The above spire presets have nothing to do with the spire sound section below the spire sound section
presets are new presets, try the new presets with these kits if you like.

For the above synths please use Spire Version 1.1.17 Or Higher. Sylenth1 3.073 Or Higher. Serum 1.36b8, and
Zebra 2.9.3 Or Higher.

Spire Sound Set Section:

128 x Spire Presets (Bank & Individual Presets)
5 x MIDI Demo Kits (38 x MIDIs in Total) – Includes Presets Used Folder in Each Demo Kit.
5 x Mixdown of Each Demo

Presets Breakdown:
20 x Arps
21 x Bass
28 x Leads
19 x Plucks
12 x Mid Basses
11 x Pads
6 x Reese Basses
5 x FX
4 x Acids
1 x Key
1 x Atmos

Please Use Spire Version 1.1.17 Or Higher.

Trance Sample Pack Section:

Each Construction kit is broken down into 3 folders – Drums & Percussion, MIDIs, and Presets plus a mixdown of the kits demo.

5 x Construction Kits (WAV, MIDIs, Presets)
32 x MIDIs Total.
33 x WAV Stems.
29 x Spire Presets.
3 x Sylenth1 Presets.

These above construction kit spire presets are not from the spire sound set above.
Please Use Spire Version 1.1.17 Or Higher.
Please Use Sylenth1 Version 3.073 Or Higher.

Samples & Loops:
150 x Percussion Loops
20 x Shaker Loops
75 x Kicks
30 x Claps
30 x Closed Hats
30 x Crash Cymbals
30 x Open Hats
30 x Rides
30 x Shakers
30 x Snares
20 x Sweeps Down
20 x Sweeps Up
20 x Impacts
10 x Rim Shots
5 x Claves

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