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Uplifting Trance Energy Anthems For Spire

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Uplifting Trance Energy Anthems For Spire

Trance Euphoria are proud to release a new Spire sound set for the Uplifting Trance producer but can be used in many other trance genres, featuring 128 x Named Spire Presets and 10 x Uplifting Trance Energy Construction Kits.

Please Note : If you don’t want the full pack you can purchase just the Sound Set or Trance Construction Kits separate from reveal sound store at a reduced price, just go to this product page and select at the top which pack you would like.

Whats In The Pack?

128 x Named Spire Presets [Individual & Bank Files].
10 x Uplifting Trance Energy Construction Kits – As Heard In The Demo.
141 x Individual Midi Files Total.

Presets Broken Down:

30 x Basses
30 x Leads
23 x Pads
20 x Plucks
7 x Seq
6 x Acid
5 x Stabs
4 x Acid Sequence
3 x FX

Each Trance Kit Contains:

Full Midi Kit Folder – Allows you to load all project midi files with one file all midi channels are named, please used the spire preset folder included loading this file as these presets are named for you for easy assigning.
Kit Midi Folder – Individual Midi Files For That Kit.
Kit Presets Folder – All Spire Presets Used For That Kit
Mixdown Kit – Mixdown Demo For That Kit.
FLP Kit File – FLP File To Load In FL Studio.
Several Basic Percussion Files – Percussion Files including Kick, Clap, Crash, Loops, Open Hat, Rev Crash Etc used for when loading the demo in FL Studio but you can import these in your own DAW.

You do not need to own FL Studio for these construction kits to work, you can import the individual midis or the project midi in to your DAW and assign the spire presets to the midi files and import the drum samples its that simple.

If you own FL Studio 10.0.9 (Not Guaranteed To Work With Older Versions) you can take advantage of the FLP files included in this pack, just click on the kit flp and this will load that particular kit, please note to take full advantage loading each kit they use the following third party plugin iZotope 7 Exciter & Imager, Fabfilter Pro-L the plugins are not essential and each kit will still load you will get a warning that the plugin can’t be found just ok each plugin that can’t be found and the kit will load, the kits sound may differ depending which plugin didn’t load from the demo mixdown.

Other Information

100% Royalty Free.
Suggested BPM 135.
Full Pack – 126MB Zipped | 189MB Unzipped.

* Please Use Spire Version 1.1.7 Or Higher.
* For FL Studio Owners Please Use Version 10.0.9 Or Higher (Not Guaranteed To Work With Older Versions).

Sound Set Only Version Pack

You will just receive the sound set Individual presets & bank files.

Construction Kits Only Version Pack

You will just receive the 10 x Trance Construction Kits as described above with midi, presets, flp and basic drum samples, the full spire sound set will not be included.

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