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What About: Drum & Bass Jumbo

Author: WA Production
Type: Samples


W .A. Production presents Drum and Bass Jumbo. Consider this everything you need to make a stellar DnB mix that will outlast the light of the moon. This isn’t just a sample pack. This massive package includes 5 Construction Kits, DAW Templates, WAV/MIDI loops and one-shots.

We must disclose the sub-bass lines included are extremely intense. Think your system can handle it?

Also included are fast and mind-bending breakbeats. We dedicated a great deal of time shaping and syncopating these raging beats. We have made sure you have plenty of great sounding options to choose from in order to strategically swap em out and rotate alternates. Line up your tracks and choose from several drops that are anything but predictable. We’ve got the perfect recipe that plays on anticipation and rides the line of the ultimate cliffhanger excitement.

Not only are we loading you up with an extensive DnB sound library, but 2 of the templates and kits are also geared towards Neuro Bass. This highly sought after the sound is not easily attainable as it is an experimental process. Want to know how it’s done? Then save yourself some time and download this pack. These kits aren’t so you can duplicate our example. We provide a diverse collection of option so that once you see how we’ve done it, you can create your own unique and crowd-pleasing club masterpiece.

So hey, what are Construction Kits and Daw Templates?

Construction Kits are a package of loops that are typical of the same genre, same BPM, and are all compatible with each other, making them interchangeable. The sample track is an example of what is possible when utilizing the construction kit. It is then up to you how to shape, mold, and combine these sounds in order to make your own tracks.

DAW templates, also referred to as project files, are educational and analytical tools that are available for all levels of music producers. You get an insider view of everything that was used in order to create the example track. By using a DAW template, your set up is complete. Your drum kit is already there and mixed to perfection. Your synth pops up and has already been routed through effects and sounds pristine. From the moment you open the template, you will discover there is no guesswork. Everything will be clearly labeled and in most cases color coded.

This pack includes:
- 5 Construction Kits;
- 5 Ableton Templates;
- 20 Melody Loops;
- 15 Drum Loops;
- 20 Synth Shots;
- 16 FX;
- 20 Kicks;
- 30 Claps & Snares;
- 20 Percussion;
- 10 Cymbals;
- 100% Royalty Free.

Templates Compatibility: Ableton Live 9 (and Higher);
Sample Pack Compatibility: Any DAW.

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