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Chillwave Drums

Author: OSTAudio
Type: Samples


Explore the distinctive realm of Synthwave's subgenre crafted by A.L.I.S.O.N, Home, Hotel Pools, and the renowned Electronic Gems label. Immerse yourself in a more tranquil, serene, and gentle iteration, yet retaining the captivating essence of the iconic 80s vibe.

Dive into this meticulously curated sample pack, meticulously tailored to encapsulate the essence of this refined Synthwave style. The spotlight is on the drums, offering a unique sonic experience within the genre.

Drawing inspiration from an extensive array of songs and conducting in-depth analyses, I dedicated myself to crafting this pack. The primary tools employed in this creative process were the original Roland TR 808 analog drum machine and the LinnDrum machine. The harmonious fusion of these two instruments, coupled with countless hours spent refining in a DAW, resulted in the birth of something truly exceptional.

Comprising 200 samples, each one is a testament to uniqueness, meticulously crafted from the ground up. Exclusively featuring vintage 80s drum sounds, including one-shots and loops, these samples are ready to be seamlessly integrated into your projects, offering both convenience and boundless inspiration.

Pack Contents:
● 40 Drum Loops
● 15 Fills
● 43 Hihats Loops
● 14 Percussion Loops
● 10 Tom
● 17 Snare
● 12 Perc
● 13 Kick
● 30 Cymbal
● 6 Clap

Total Number Of Files:
● 200
● 174MB
● 100% Royalty-Free

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