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Future Rave Basslines 2 [Ableton Live Template]

Type: Templates


Vadim Bonkrashkov is proud to present his new ‘Future Rave Basslines 2’ with 4 Ableton Live Template included Kick, Bass, Percussion, Leads, FX's, pads etc.

It is a brand-new template produced in Ableton Live implemented in the festival Future Rave/Melodic Techno/EDM style like David Guetta & Morten style. In this template, you will find out how to build an energetic EDM production with powerful kick & bass with beautiful and atmospheric pads & leads and energy of mainstage.

You get an insight into the processing of the individual channels, through the use of EQ, compression, distortion, delay, reverbs, and more.

• Fully arranged Ableton Live template;
• Fresh and genuinely inspiring sounds;
• Includes everything: All MIDI and Audio channels, FX chains, presets, samples, etc.;
• Produced by Vadim Bonkrashkov.

In order to take full advantage of the project, you will need:
• Ableton Live v11.2.5 or higher;
• Spire v1.5 or higher;
• Serum v1.363 or higher;
• LFO Tool;
• Dimension Expander;
• FabFilter Pro-Q 3;
• FabFilter Pro-MB;
• xFer OTT;
• Invisible Limiter (master channel only);
• Ozone 11 (master channel only).

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